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That’s My Dad! tells the stories of fathers who helped to shape the lives of successful men and women in the competitive worlds of media, arts and entertainment, and professional sports.

Joe Girardi, manager, New York Yankees

Allan Houston, former NBA all-star and assistant GM, New York Knicks

Gretchen Carlson, former Miss America, author, FOX News anchor and commentator

Jeff Kemp, former NFL quarterback

Lee Rouson, former NFL running back

Michael Franzese, former New York mobster with the Colombo crime family, inspirational speaker, and author

Tina Cervasio, New York television sports anchor with FOX 5 and ESPN radio sportscaster and commentator

Darryl Strawberry, former Major League Baseball All-Star, ordained minister, and author

Frances Hesselbein, president and CEO of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute and former CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA

David Tyree, former NFL wide receiver with the New York Giants

Roderick Caesar, senior pastor of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, Queens, New York

Chris Broussard, ESPN and ESPN.com basketball analyst, writer, and commentator

Kelly Wright, FOX News reporter and co-anchor of America’s News Headquarters

Rita Cosby, Emmy-winning TV host and correspondent, and best-selling author

Whether these role models were hurt or helped by the choices of their fathers, they have chosen to learn from their past and portray exemplary qualities to make them who they are today. This book demonstrates the power of true fatherhood and the difference it makes in the lives of children. All of us want to, or yearn that we could, stand up and shout, “That’s my dad!”


"I’m honored to tell the story of my dad in the must read book “That’s My Dad”. It’s an amazing peek inside the lives of people you may have heard of before, who share in such a personal way, details about their dads – the good and the bad. Participating in the book made me realize once again how blessed I’ve been to have a father who was ever-present in my life; a father who always guided me by living the life lessons he preached – with faith and family as his foundation."

Gretchen Carlson

Award-winning journalist and host of FOX News Channel's The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson. She previously co-hosted Fox & Friends for eight years and served as a CBS News correspondent and co-host of the CBS Saturday Early Show.

"In this day and age when one of the world's greatest, most vital institutions - that of fatherhood - is under attack, Joe Pellegrino and Joe Battaglia have done us a huge favor. By capturing such varied accounts of fatherhood experiences, they has touched on the topic in nearly every way imaginable, and in so doing, show us the importance and necessity of Dads."

Chris Broussard

Internationally-known NBA analyst for the ABC and ESPN television networks as well as an award-winning journalist for ESPN The Magazine and ESPN.com

"In "That's My Dad!", authors Joe Battaglia and Joe Pellegrino have shown us that no matter who you are, or what you have achieved, one thing is true about everyone--Fathers matter deeply in the lives of their children and ultimately in the life of our nation. Our culture often mocks fatherhood in various ways, but there's nothing funny about the number of broken lives left behind by absentee and abusive fathers. Our children deserve better, and this book affirms the necessary role of fathers or a father figure in the life of each child."

Rita Cosby

Emmy-Winning TV Host and Best Selling Author

"Why read this book if you're like me and you never had a father you could look to as a model of faith and love and Blessing? Because, like you, I WANT TO BE the kind of father this book talks about and MODELS in the life-stories described here! Even if you come from a broken family or background like me, you can find REAL examples of godly, imperfect but totally committed father's pictured here that you can FOLLOW. And one day hear those awesome words, spoken with love from your children, "That's MY Dad!"

John Trent

President of StrongFamilies.com and Author of The Blessing and LifeMapping

"This book is not only tremendoulsy entertaining; it is also beautiful, honest — and tremendously important. That’s because fatherhood is the most tragically underestimated and misunderstood issue in our culture today. Please be a part of changing that by reading this book and sharing it with your friends."

Eric Metaxas

New York Times Bestselling author of Seven Men: and the Secret of their Greatness and host of the nationally syndicated Eric Metaxas Show

My friends Joe Battaglia and Joe Pellegrino have come up with a truly practical and personal approach to fathering in "That's My Dad!" They have cleverly woven together insights into the lives of interesting individuals with personal stories of their own to highlight the role of fathers (and lack of fathers) in the lives of successful people. As the Executive Director of the Fatherhood Commission, I'm always looking for resources that we can recommend. This is a "must read" book for anyone who wants to better understand how to honor their father.

Mitch Temple

Executive Director Fatherhood CoMission President, Temple Consulting

"Our culture today is at a crossroad. There is an epidemic of broken families that have littered our streets with broken children. Absentee fathers and non-involved fathers who have abdicated their roles as leaders and mentors are taking their toll on the most vulnerable of victims--our children. At All Pro Dad, we know all too well the statistics about children from fatherless homes, and seek to reverse that through our work. In "That's My Dad!", Joe Battaglia and Joe Pellegrino have written a book that clearly speaks of how important fathers are in the lives of their children and why fathers matter! Dads should read this book with their kids!"

Mark Merrill

President of Family First and author of All Pro Dad--Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids

"There is no clearer view into the heart of a father than through the eyes of his children. “That’s My Dad” gives us an extraordinary gift of heart-warming stories from national world-changers about their dads. Serving as a fathering guidebook to those who want practical wisdom about how to turn their heart goals into action, this book is one of the most powerful fathering books I’ve ever read. It doesn't just tell; it shows how to be an invested parent. If every dad in America took to heart the lessons taught by these mentor dads, it would positively change the landscape of our entire country."

Dr. Michelle Watson

Author, “Dad, Here’s What I Really Need from You: A Guide for Connecting with Your Daughter’s Heart”

"From my early days in professional baseball to working with college kids afterward, one thing was always obvious—the caliber of any individual is shaped tremendously by the presence or absence of a father in that young person’s life. In “That’s My Dad!”, my friends Joe Pellegrino and Joe Battaglia illustrate how vital that father figure is and how the ultimate father, God, can help fill a void left by absentee fathers. It’s a book well worth reading."

Bobby Richardson

Former New York Yankees star second baseman

"I love this book. I love it because I know just how vital a father is in the life of every child. My work brings me in contact with so many young people who have been deprived of having their father's presence in their lives and the impact of their loss is obvious and very unfortunate. "That's My Dad" will touch your heart and make you want to hug your dad, hug your children and thank God for blessing you with a father and fatherhood."

Michael Franzese

"Behind every successful child is a good dad” is not only one great quote from this book but could be a summary truth of “That’s My Dad”. You simply have to read this book! You’ll love the stories of real fathers who have fathered their children well, launching strong, successful, and values driven adults into the world who are making a positive impact in people’s lives. Your vision of the importance of great dads will skyrocket as you read this valuable work."

Dr. Pete Alwinson

Executive Director-Forge; Pastor Emeritus, Man in the Mirror

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About the Authors

Joe Battaglia

Joe Battaglia is the founder and president of Renaissance Communications, a media company, and co-executive producer of Keep The Faith, the #1 nationally syndicated faith-based radio program. Joe lives in New Jersey with his wife, LuAnn, and has one daughter, Alanna.

Joe Pellegrino

JOE PELLEGRINO is a speaker, author, and founder and president of Legacy Minded Men and Not Just an Average Joe, a unique marketing company. Joe and his wife, Bethanne, have three children and reside in northern New Jersey.